Looi was born out of a desire to create a worthy and quality, audio visual experience, perfectly suited to the needs of babies and toddlers.  At the time, the team had young kids of their own and really, started out to create something for their own children.   From the outset, care was taken to ensure that every element was as it needed to be, and as you can imagine, when it comes to your own kids, there was to be no compromise.

Looi was meticulously researched and developed for babies and toddlers, where every element has been carefully crafted, to meet the specific needs of these key ages.  The original music, a key element in every episode, is built upon the basic elements of classical music (melody, harmony and rhythm) and tailored specifically to their sensitive ears.


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Kiely - USA
“Kiely - We love Looi! We just discovered the Looi YouTube channel, and I'm so glad. The gentle images and music are perfect for settling down before nap time..”  

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